America’s Pastime at SDS

     Baseball has often been considered a quintessential American activity. Many children have grown up playing the sport in little leagues such as the one at Hillbrook, and Major League Baseball has had the second highest revenue of any sports league in the world (behind, of course, the NFL). Baseball has been the subject of numerous movies, TV shows, songs, books, paintings—you name it. But for the past few years, the Day School has not had a varsity boy’s baseball team.

     Before this year, the 2015 baseball season was the last varsity baseball team that the school had. That team featured now-NCAA player Matthew Overton, and they even made it to the state tournament. They finished the season with a losing record, which may have seemed disappointing, but what came after that season was far worse. The next year, there was not enough interest to form a team for the 2016 season. For the 2017 season, enough people signed up for a club team, but not enough to play games against other schools. But further into spring, things started to look up for the baseball team. Brett Frost, the student who had been trying to get the team together all along, proposed the ALS Charity Baseball Game.

     The idea for this game was to have another opportunity to raise money for charity. Proceeds from the game were going to go to research in ALS, commonly called Lou Gehrig’s disease after Yankee’s first baseman. The goal was to raise $500. For this game, families were able to rent tents by the baseball field, there were activities for children in the parking lot, and there were even snow cones. Students were even able to step up to the plate. In general, everybody had a great time, but more importantly, the event raised $1,501—more than triple the original goal.

     This year, there is finally a varsity team, consisting of five seniors, two sophomores, two freshmen, and two eighth graders. The head coach is Paul Kontowsky with assistant coaches Gary Coats and Jordan Sizemore. There will be a total of nine games this year, with four home games. The home games will be against Shannon Forest (March 20th), Greenwood Christian (March 23rd),  SCA (April 23rd), and Oakbrook (April 26).