Clemson Declamation

On October 21, a group of talented students from our school who are passionate about language gave up their sleep on a Saturday to compete at the Clemson Declamation with students from over fifty schools from South Carolina and Georgia. Our students competed in the Latin, French, Spanish, and Chinese categories. For each language category, students had their own assigned waiting room. Walking in there, we could see students correcting pronunciations of poems with their instructors. We also saw that students from different schools were socializing and getting to know each other because of their common interest in language. The order of the competition was arranged by the level of difficulty. That’s why Ivan and Christine were still waiting for their turn in the native Chinese category when all other students had finished presenting their poems to the judges. Someone in the group chat suggested that we meet in the Chinese category waiting room to cheer for Christine and Ivan. All of our students gathered at the Chinese category waiting room. Since Ivan and Christine were native speakers, there was not much for them to prepare. We chit-chated and shared many different stories, spending a wonderful morning together.

After everyone had finally presented their poem to the judges, we walked to downtown Clemson where we enjoyed an awesome lunch at Jimmy John’s. The award ceremony was held shortly after lunch. Congratulations to Ellie MacMullan, Jed Howie and Karine Nguyen in the French category and to Ivan and Christine in the Chinese category for their outstanding achievements in the competition. Also, special mention to Elliot Barron, David Stramecky, and Tashler Greene for their dedication and effort given to this competition. I want to take time to specially thank Mrs. Sullivan and Mr. Roark for their time on Saturday and putting this together for us to have such a enjoyable day.Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.00.08 AM