Sra. Cerra Interview


While Mrs. Flores is on maternity leave, Sra. Pilar Cerra has graciously stepped in, taking over her classes until she returns.

Mrs. Cerra grew up in Puebla, Mexico, a city southeast of Mexico City. When asked her favorite part of growing up here, Cerra said that she enjoyed how close one lived to their family. “When you go home from work,” Cerra says, “you have time to spend with your family and friends. Especially your family.”

Cerra started her teaching career 14 years ago. Before teaching Spanish, Mrs. Cerra taught Sunday school in Mexico. Later on, Mrs. Cerra taught English and life skills to those new to the US. Her career as a Spanish teacher started at a small private school that her children were attending.

“I was very involved in the school. They offered me a job part time, but it [eventually] became full time.” Cerra started as a 4K Spanish teacher, though she soon became the AP Spanish teacher due to her natural gift of teaching others.  

When asked what her favorite part about being a Spanish teacher is, Cerra replied, “I feel it is important and beneficial to learn to speak a second language. I share my culture, language, and background…in return, I hear about [my] student’s lives.” Mrs. Cerra finds the ability to apply oneself  to a conversation an important skill. A student should not memorize dialogue, but use their knowledge of grammar to be able to build a sentence into a conversation. Although Cerra describes her teaching style as “formal,” she adds that she likes to have fun from time to time. By playing fun games, students are able to both learn and laugh at the same time.  

Though her time with us as a teacher is sadly coming to an end, Mrs. Cerra has undoubtedly made her mark on her students, who are easily adapting to her teaching skills. One of her students, Caroline Simon, remarks, “Sra. Cerra is a delight to be around. She is always willing to help in out of the classroom.”

With ending remarks, Mrs. Cerra adds, “I enjoy teaching here. The school really cares about the students and the teachers… I enjoy teaching on a high school level. You can expect students will try and do well.”