Gordon’s Favorite Seafood Restaurant



Right now, ask yourself: “What is the greatest seafood restaurant I’ve been to?” Now that you have your answer, here is mine. My favorite place is Kadoura in Cairo, Egypt. Will your answer stand up to mine?

Here’s why Kadoura is the best. First of all, there is a wide selection of raw seafood at the raw seafood bar including tuna, sea bass, shrimp of all sizes and swordfish. All seafood is fresh from the Red Sea. You can pick the exact fish you want by pointing to the exact one at the fish bar (they have 20+ of the same fish) and they’ll cook it for you anyway you like it.

Now to the flavor– they cook everything just right. Nothing is overcooked, nor over salted or peppered. The fish won’t end up soggy and mushy; it will come to you nice and tender. The silk road spices are also uniformly distributed across the fish and shrimps.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that NOTHING is microwaved? Kadoura grills and fries all seafood only minutes after you personally hand-pick your fish from their raw seafood bar.

Now, you may be wondering about the price at Kadoura. Since everything sounds so premium and fresh, it must be very expensive. The answer to this is NO. In the United States,  it would be considered to be a little bit over average in expense. The dining cost of Kadoura family meal is similar to that of a family going to Applebees. The Kadoura food portions are also significantly larger, and even though the portions are larger, the food quality is even better than that of a restaurant in the United States.

Did my favorite seafood restaurant stack up to yours? If you have an account, comment down below and tell us about your favorite seafood experience!