Friedrich’s Quest to America

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Friedrich Tröscher is a German exchange student and a new member of the sophomore class at SDS. The interview below includes some facts you might want to know about Friedrich and his new American adventure. We are so excited to welcome him to SDS!


  • Where in Germany are you from? What is your town or neighborhood like?


I lived 40 miles away from Stuttgart, a city known for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. My home is a small town called Lenningen with just below 5,000 citizens, in a more rural part of the country. The so called “Schwäbische Alb” (a small group of mountains) starts right next to my house.



  • Who is your host family?


I stay with a German befriended family of ours, the Weihrauchs. You might know Chris Weihrauch, an 8th grader at SDS.



  • Do you have any siblings and/or pets? If so, what are their names?


I have 2 older brothers back in Germany. Their names are Florian and Felix.



  • What has been your favorite part about living in America so far? Why?


I am not sure about that, just living in another country is a great experience.



  • What are some common German phrases that you can teach us?


All the basic stuff; Hallo, Guten Tag (Good Day), wie geht es dir (how are you), and Bis Später (See you later). Many probably struggle with my name because German pronunciation is strange. You can also ask Dr. Duckett, she knows quite a bit of German.



  • How was your school in Germany similar to SDS? How was it different?


In Germany, I went to a public school with just more than 1,400 students. The classes were filled with 30 people, and you could only choose classes to an extent. Therefore, you took lessons with the same people every time. We were not allowed to use cell phones or laptops at all. And, to the people confused with the flipping schedule, we had a different one every single day. Also, school in Germany does not offer any sports teams like you do. Regarding our cafeteria, food over there was similar, but we didn’t have chicken every second day.



  • What are your favorite sports/activities/hobbies?


I play the guitar, and I like photography. Back in Germany, I did a lot of snowboarding and mountain biking. I’m not sure if I will be able to do that here though.



  • What is your favorite subject in school?


AP Government (Hey, Mr. Kramer!)



  • What are a few new things that you’ve tried in America that you hadn’t tried before?


I had never eaten a bagel before… they are great. Also, to be honest, American sweets taste quite bad compared to European ones. Maybe later this year I’ll get the chance to bring some to the US and convince you of that.