Bree’s Commitment to Lander


How old were you when you first started playing volleyball?

I started playing when I was nine years old.


When did you first consider playing sports in college?

I first started thinking about college athletics when I was a freshman. Then I started working with my recruiting consultant at the beginning of my sophomore year.  


How did you decide on Lander?

I decided to accept my offer from Lander because it was a great fit for me. It has a top conference volleyball program, a beautiful campus, the program I intend on studying (Pre-Law), and a great college community.


Have you met your roommate? If so, is she on your team?

Yes, I have met my roommate and she is on the team. Her name is Madi, she’s my age, and she is a setter!


How many games are scheduled for the season?

The 2018 schedule has not been released yet, but this year Lander is scheduled to play 26 games.


How will your senior year be different now that you know where you’re going next year?

My senior year is a lot different from my peers because I am not facing the same amount of stress as some of them. Since I have my college plan already decided on, I am able to focus more on my school work, and also work harder on the court.


Finally, are you looking forward to playing in college?

To say I am excited to play in college would be an understatement! It is a dream come true and I can’t wait to take volleyball as far as I can.