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The idea of falling into a black hole is a horrifying yet amusing concept to ponder. I assume, however, that it wouldn’t be too amusing if you were the unlucky soul who got sucked into the event horizon. The event horizon is the basically the point of no return. The point where the gravitational pull of the center of the black hole is so strong you cannot escape it. In fact, nothing can escape this pull– not even light. This incredible force is due to the mass of these giant intergalactic dustbusters. They can be found at the center of galaxies, sucking in everything. Of course, it is kind of challenging to detect a black hole due to the fact that they swallow light.

So, now for the question: What would happen if you fell into a black hole? Well, lets assume you fell in head first. As mentioned earlier, the force of gravity is out of this world (no pun intended). This means that your head, even only being a meter or two from your feet, is way closer to the center, meaning the force is a lot stronger on your top than on your bottom. This is where your luck starts to tarnish: Your head would become elongated and squashed as the rest of you is pulled and stretched, until you were nothing but a long stream of atoms (the actual scientific term for this is, no joke, spaghettify).

If you fell into a stellar black hole, someone could actually watch you become spaghettified, and as you are pulled towards the center, time would slow down for you. Everyone around you would seem to be aging really fast.

Though, if you were lucky enough to fall into a supermassive black hole, no one would be able to laugh and watch as you reached your ultimate fate. You would be pulled towards the center in what would seem to you an instant, while your buddy watching close by would see you moving almost infinitely towards the horizon, decreasing in speed, until the light waves strengthened with your body causing your stream of atoms to go dark.

At the center of a black hole, there are no rules or laws. Black holes do not follow Einstein’s theories, nor do they care. Theoretically, you wouldn’t disappear. You would just exist among other long streams of atoms, forever hanging out in the belly of the supermassive beast that doesn’t follow any rules. Peachy…

This is what would happen if you fell into a regular black hole, but what about if you fell into a charge black hole? This is where things get weird:

The center of a charge black hole does not attract, but it repeals. Though, everything is the same as before until you are past the event horizon. Here, you must pass a second event horizon in which you are being attracted. Right after you cross this second threshold, the center of the black hole begins to push you away, and out of a white hole in a totally different universe.

Scientists theorize that if our universe has black holes which suck things in, then a different universe could have the opposite: white holes which spit things out (i.e. wormholes). Of course, this means that you have a one way ticket into this different universe and have no way of returning to the one we call home. This seems pretty horrible, but I would suspect that you would be pretty dead, so does it really matter?

The concept of a black hole is a mysteriously uncharted and obscure topic in which almost everything considered “true” is, in reality, only a claim. Thus, this article is based around theory, and not definite fact.

Wikimedia commons

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