Clemson Calculus Challenge Recap

On Friday, April 21, our AP Calculus students competed at Clemson for the Clemson Calculus Challenge. The Challenge is made of two parts. The individual exams and group exams. Individual exam starts in the morning. There are forty questions. Students have ninety minutes to answer them. The questions starts with basic knowledge of Calculus AB, then they got really “tricky.” With the average score of 8 out 40, none of us received any award. However, this did not discourage us – we still had full confidence to take on the group competition in the afternoon. The afternoon part is a competition where we divide into two teams of four members each from our school. Team A was: Ivan, Shirley, Geoffrey, and Hayden. Team B was: Xinyi, Curry, Chace and Mike. Unfortunately, my group made a simple mistake in calculations and missed our chance to place. Group B encountered similar setbacks and were unable to earn the award.

Although none of us were recognized by Clemson, we were proud that we competed in this national competition against 56 schools from around the country. We as Spartanburg Day School students should not only pursue the glory of accomplishment – rather, it is the spirit of participating that matters the most.


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