Gordon’s Spring Break

Spring Break… A time to relax. After a long 3rd quarter, Spring Break is a much-earned break. The way I enjoyed my Spring Break could be considered very unorthodox. I started by breaking my usual norm of avoiding junk food, fast food, and sodas. I blissfully ate, without much limitations.

I stayed home the entire time playing all sorts of video games, watching tv, and even reading. I played all of my all time favorite video games. A treasured memory was playing a fun game called Europa Universalis IV (or for short EUIV.)  In the game, I nearly restored the Roman Empire from the ashes of the Byzantine Empire. What makes this memory the most significant is because I inherited two superpower nations: Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. For the first couple of days of Spring Break, I got absolutely sucked into that game and played it non-stop.

Despite being able to stay up late playing EUIV, I made sure I only stayed up really late only once or twice. As my goal was to keep my sleep schedule on track. I always stick with this one rule during every one of my Spring Breaks.

Spring Break is also a time for me to review over old concepts and practice. I opened up Khan Academy and reviewed some old Math concepts. I also reviewed  Polynomials, Quadratics, and three by three elimination (linear equations with three equations and three variables.) Since the AP Human Geography Exam is fast approaching, I also used this time to study by using my AP flash cards.

This was how I enjoyed my Spring Break. I believe it was a great way to enjoy my Spring break, while still accomplishing some of my goals. I would say this was, by-far, my most  favorite Spring Break because I RELAXED. How about you?


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