The Bi-Annual Talent Show

The biannual SDS Griffin Talent Show was held on March 15, 2017 in the Seth Milliken Gym, with students from grades 4K to twelfth putting on acts. Flik provided a pasta dinner during the intermission, and the Jazz Bands opened both acts. The performances in the talent show were all dedicated to Alli Hoy, a tenth grader at SDS battling cancer.

In the first act, some of our lower schoolers performed multiple comedy routines. Sutton Smith, Cooper Martsberger and Sadler Smith had the most memorable one, with their funny bow ties and suspenders to top it off. Camrynn Wilson left the audience practically speechless after her wonderful rendition of “Popular” from the Broadway play “Wicked.”

The second act featured lots of dances and vocal performances. Ivan Gu and Christine Yang’s duet was amazing to say the least. Their harmony in the song “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga received a thunderous applause from the audience. Also, Christopher Overton singing “Bring Him Home” and Patricia Bayiha singing “Snaggletooth” both received similar feedback. The show closed with the instrumental duet of Jonathan Henderson and Coach Robinette, leaving us all in good moods and looking forward to the next talent show in a couple of years. Many thanks to Mrs. Burtnett for putting on the Talent Show, a staple of the SDS community!


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