Writer’s Retreat: Special Studies

by Sam Spencer

Writer’s Retreat, or rather in my case “Writer’s”, Retreat, was an amazing trip. Now, it should go without saying that I am no writer; I’m far too lazy. I dread essays, avoid taking notes, and put this article off for a week and half. But, I had a great time on the trip, and I would recommend it to everyone, writer or no, who wants a relaxing and enjoyable Special Studies experience. No braving the snows of Montreal for this crew! Instead, we woke up each day to a comfortable lodge, good food, and the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. We toasted marshmallows, enjoyed the view from Glassy Mountain, and hung out in the hammocks or played ping pong in the basement. It was the perfect break from the frantic pace of school.

Of course, we also wrote a lot. I wrote more in that week than I probably have in a month here. And, surprisingly, that was a positive! I enjoyed the writing exercises we did every day far more than I had expected. We wrote about everything: pogo sticks, adventurous cats, and erotic Gatsby fan fiction, but my favorite activities were the serious ones. I learned more about everyone on that trip than I had in four (and in some cases fourteen) years of going to school with them. Between our writing, we also hiked, played with goats and turkeys, played board games and pool, and enjoyed the enthusiastic singing of our favorite waiter.

Writer’s Retreat was a wonderful trip and a perfect way to practice your writing while enjoying an ideal vacation in the mountains. We all had a great time and I wish I could go again next year!null


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