Quebec: Special Studies

The trip to Quebec City and Montreal was loads of fun! It was such an awesome experience, and it was especially fun because so many people got to try new and exciting things. We did a wide variety of things, such as Dog Sledding, Snowshoeing, and Tubing. We also went to some really cool places such as a hotel made completely of ice and snow, a waterfall that was 1.5 times the height of Niagara Falls, and a mall that had a roller coaster inside of it.

The Ice Hotel was a lot of fun because when most people think of hotels, they think of a nice cozy room to stay in while you are on vacation. This hotel, however, was made completely out of ice and snow, and in order to stay warm at night, you had to wear a mummy sleeping bag. At the Ice Hotel, we got to drink coke that was in a glass made out of ice. It was a really cool experience because, even though it was freezing to drink, the ice cup made the drink really crisp and refreshing. The food was great and very new to many people, from the crepes, to the poutine, to maple syrup flavored everything. We had maple syrup with almost everything that we ate from soup, to ice cream, to crepes. Also, we all got to practice our French while we were there, even though most of the people who were French automatically knew that we were American since, when they started talking in French, our faces went completely blank. After the long days of hiking and adventuring, the perfect ending was a dip in the pools at our hotels or a card game to see who got the last bit of Canadian money.

I learned a lot on this trip, like how copper art is created, the history of Quebec, how maple syrup was made, and all about the native people of Quebec. We got to make our own copper art, and we also got to go inside long houses in the Huron village to see how the Native people lived. One night, we went to a Sugar Shack which was where maple syrup was made. There, we got to make our own maple candy, and we got to see how maple syrup is made. This trip was an amazing experience, and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend my Special Studies than bracing the cold with my fellow Griffins.




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