Guided College Tour: Special Studies

By Alfred Ezman

On February 27th, Tim, Alston, Charles, and I went on our journey visiting colleges around the state of North Carolina. Early in the morning, we made a three hour trip to Raleigh where we visited NC State. After a two hour visit, we made our way back thirty minutes to Chapel Hill where we walked around Franklin Street, a famous downtown strip full of shops and restaurants. That night, we stayed in Chapel Hill. The following morning, February 28th, we visited UNC Chapel Hill the visit included a visit to a nice breakfast place on Franklin Street. We then traveled to Duke in Durham, we ran into a former alumni Aimee McVey who now attends Duke (pictured below). On the 1st of March, we went a few more miles to the tiny town of Elon to visit the university of Elon. We ate a very good Italian place on the main street there. Afterwards, we went about forty-five minutes to Winston-Salem. Wake Forest was a very good university, and we even went to a basketball game later that night. After sleeping in Winston-Salem, we went to High Point University followed to a visit at Ms. Wesneski former college, Davidson. Afterwards, we headed home. The next day, we visited Furman, a nice campus not too far away. The college tour was not just a good opportunity to find colleges, but a nice place to explore the world outside of SDS.



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