Take a Hike: Special Studies

by Sara McCown

We only got lost three times. In Spartanburg. On the first day. Now, you might be asking, “Wow, some trip, eh?”, and you would be absolutely right; it was some trip. There is something so unbelievably serene about immersing yourself in the towering mountains for four days. After a long two months of school after Christmas break, Special Studies is precisely what we all need in order to revitalize our minds. Each morning, around nine o’clock, we would all walk out the door, ready for our next escapade. Whether it be Peters Creek, Little Glassy, Rattlesnake Lodge, Lover’s Leap, or Dupont, we all couldn’t wait to be surrounded by the fresh mountain air. It would be fair to conclude that, although some experienced the various trails in different ways, we all could agree on one thing: the scenic views of the Appalachian Mountains during our “Lover’s Leap” hike were utterly breathtaking. And what better way to reward yourself after a challenging hike than by soaking in the natural hot springs? The trailblazer of our expeditions, three time Appalachian Trail thru hiker and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Jennifer Pharr Davis, shared her love of the great outdoors and late night games of “Mafia” with each and every one of us. Whether her husband, Brew, was playing music for us with their daughter Charlie dancing so passionately, or whether she was helping us cook dinner with little baby Gus overseeing the task, Jennifer filled every day of our trip with laughter, tranquility, and most importantly: enjoyment. We all survived another week together, and managed not to give Mrs. Webster or Dr. Fisher too many heart attacks, an outcome which I would say was exceptional at the least.



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