Check out Griffin Grounds

by Susannah Lyon

Every Friday before school, the Student Government puts on a coffee house for the faculty and Upper School students in the concession area of the Webster Athletic Complex. This coffee house (a.k.a. Griffin Grounds) is a fairly new part of student life, starting only last year. Since then, Griffin Grounds has gained popularity throughout the Upper School as a Friday Morning treat.

The menu changes quite often, but always consists two smoothies, and regular coffee along with lattes and mochas. During the holiday season, speciality drinks are part of the menu. For example, a pumpkin spice latte is offered in November, and a Peppermint mocha in December. The smoothies offered at the coffee shop are one of the best sellers, as they are very customizable. Dairy free smoothies are seen occasionally on the menu, and there are usually options to add spinach to your smoothie for an extra healthy kick.

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Recently, Griffin Grounds has started a pre-ordering system where you can place your order beforehand. This feature usually is sent as a google form through your email for your convenience. For the faculty, the coffee shop has started delivering your drinks right to you if requested. Griffin Grounds will start delivering orders to students in assembly the same way in the weeks to come. To stay up to date on the menu and coffee house dates, follow griffin_grounds on Instagram.



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