Zion Williamson’s Growing Publicity

by Molly McCuen Sherard

The varsity boys’ games are consistently chock-full of people. Now, tickets have to be sold in order to even gain access to the games. What’s the reason for this wild excitement? Zion Williamson.


His massive following of over 240,000 followers on Instagram and 28,2000 followers on Twitter is certainly not without a cause. Currently ranked 2nd in the nation according to the ESPN Recruiting Database, Zion continues to be the greatest player that Spartanburg Day School has ever seen.

If you’ve come to any of Zion’s games, whether they’re in the Stone Gym or away, you’ve probably noticed that the walls are lined with cameras from Mars Reel, Ball Is Life, FOX News, and several others; an average of three to four cameras following Zion’s every move on game nights. Once the games are over and there’s no more dunking to be witnessed, the cameras stand outside of the entrance to the locker rooms and wait for Zion to reappear. After a few minutes spent in the locker room celebrating an incredible victory, Zion greets the reporters with a smile. As soon as his brief interview is over, he walks back out into the gym where a lengthy line has already formed for pictures and autographs.


Zion’s following has tripled in the last year as he has become a more versatile player and represented the Griffins with pride. All that we can expect in the future is for Zion to continue bettering himself just as he has done throughout his career at Spartanburg Day School.


Photos by Molly McCuen Sherard and Wenyu Gao 


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