SDS is a Special Place

by Anna Stone


The Spartanburg Day School is a very special place.  It is a place where many students love to go every morning instead of dreading school.  A place that makes the end of summer or the start of the new year not so bad, but something to look forward to.  Even as a fairly new student I have quickly grown to love Spartanburg Day School and in the short time that I have been here it has made me a better person in many different ways.


Even before I came to Spartanburg Day School I knew that going would make me a better person.  I was able to see that the students were much happier at school in general instead of dreading going every single day.  The positive effects that the school had on the students was clear.  When I became a student at the Day School, I was able to see it all even more clearly.  I realized how much more prepared I would be for college and life after college.  The Spartanburg Day School has taught me many things about college that I would not have ever have known prior to coming, such as courses that colleges like to see on transcripts.  If I had stayed at my other high school, I would not have challenged myself the same way I do here, taking two AP math classes along with other AP classes.  I have been more driven to push myself the extra mile.  I feel much better prepared for college because I have also become a better writer at the Spartanburg Day School.  Before coming here, I had never written a formal essay.  Mrs. Camp’s 10th grade English class was the hardest class I have ever taken in the beginning, but once I learned more about grammar and how to properly write an essay, I grew to greatly appreciate the challenge of it.  


The Spartanburg Day School has taught me the importance of giving back to the community.  As an ASTRA member and a Ben Stone scholar, I am required to have 44 service hours each school year.  When I first realized how many service hours I needed to get, I was a little bit worried that I would not be able to fulfill those hours, but once I started getting them, I realized that service work is something I appreciate and enjoy doing.  I realize the significance of my efforts and what an impact that my time can make on others, and it is rewarding.  Whereas, at my other high school, I was never required to get service hours, and I rarely voluntarily offered my time.  I now love doing all kinds of service work.


The Spartanburg Day School has helped to make me a better people person.  I am a lot less exclusive and much more open minded from being at the Day School.  Being a new student, I had to keep an open mind about who I would be friends with which was hard for me at first, but I did.  I didn’t judge anyone.  Instead, I got to know as many people as I could before finding a friend group that I fit in with.  The Spartanburg Day School is inclusive as a whole.  Even being part of a “friend group”, I still have many other friends that I have met in my classes form reaching out to others that I may not have reached out to before.  Coming to school here has taught me to embrace myself, my strengths and weakness, and to appreciate others’ as well.  


The Day School has helped make me a better person and more well-rounded person.  In my time here I am now a better person in the classroom, in the community, and to others.  The Day School is such a special place to me because of what a positive impact that it has had on me.  



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