College Alumni Panel Recap

by Christopher Overton

This year, as we returned from Christmas break, the juniors and seniors were treated to the “Alumni College Panel.” Five past students – Davis Kleman (2016), Niki Prestipino (2015), Jesseca Kusher (2015), Russell Lawrence (2014), and Abby Cote (2013) – shed very welcome wisdom and advice about their college application process and experiences in college. The panel was timely, as seniors are in the midst of hearing back from colleges and deciding on their fate for the next four years and juniors are revving up to navigate the difficult college application process.

Some of the highlights included:

  • “Come up with a big list of schools to look at. Tour and re-tour the colleges multiple times. Finally, double check dorms and dorm life” – Davis
  • “Check out the school newspapers online (they contain great information about the actual campus vibe and what is currently happening)” – Jesseca
  • “Take the money you get [in scholarships], and pay attention to the money and what it represents – you could save yourself enough money to buy a new sports car with some of the scholarship money you win. Also, be ready to grow up and prepare yourself for the real world outside of the Day School bubble” – Niki
  • “Don’t expect things to just be handed to you, expect it to be challenging” – Jesseca
  • “Don’t restrict yourself to a group of people or clubs: explore. Be open-minded and don’t have a ‘too cool for school’ attitude’” – Abby
  • “There are three S’s of college: school, social life, and sleep. It seems like you can get two, so choose wisely” – Davis and Russell
  • “Join a club in college because you are interested in it, not because of what it looks like on a resume. Keep making friends” – Russell

As always, it is great to hear back from our alumni as they provide insight into their preparation for college and beyond coming from a Day School background. Thank you to these five for coming back and speaking with us!


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