The Best Homecoming?

by Ian Kusher

The weeks of preparation spent filming videos, creating banners, and planning halls had all come down to this: Spartanburg Day School, Homecoming 2017.

The morning started with the viewing of the halls and was followed by Mr. Lonon’s annual Advisory Feud (congrats to the Fisher advisory for a well-earned win). The morning pep-rally, with performances by the band and cheerleaders, got everyone into the spirit of homecoming. I would like to make a special shoutout to the boy cheerleaders who gave an exceptionally well thought-out performance. In all seriousness, the halls, videos, and banners were very well made. Congratulations to the seniors for winning the overall upper school competition (as always).

Below are the placements for the video, hall, banner, and overall:

Hall: Seniors, Freshman, Juniors, and Sophomore

Banner: Senior, Junior, Freshman, and Sophomore

Video: Junior, Senior, Sophomore, and Freshman

Overall: Senior, Junior, Freshman, and Sophomore

The basketball games that evening were a resounding success (it’s always great to destroy Oakbrook). Also on display were the ASTRA Zaxby’s Chicken Challenge (enjoy, Coach Buxton!), the induction of Mr. Bill Ross into the SDS Sports Hall of Fame, and Homecoming Court. The night was concluded with the singing of our alma mater, a memorable and touching conclusion to the day.

The next evening, Student Government held its first dance of the school year – a winter semi-formal. SGA’s events have been great this year, so thank you to the SGA members for all of their hard work. Be on the lookout for a future article discussing SGA’s events this year – from this dance to the lock-in.

Overall, all of the preparatory work involved was clearly worth it because this year’s Homecoming festivities were by far the most exciting that I have ever experienced. Thank you SDS Community for a fantastic Homecoming. Go Griffins!


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