Homecoming 2017: Are You Ready?

by Chris Overton and Devin Srivastava

Once again, Homecoming has come to Spartanburg Day School. With it comes one of the craziest weeks of the year, filled with everything from extravagant costumes to the mayhem of Hall Night. Throughout the past few weeks, we upper schoolers have been busy filming videos, making hall plans, and creating banners – all of which will be on display tomorrow. As seniors, some of our most memorable experiences at the Day School will include clinging precipitously onto ladders while hanging black cloths from the ceiling on Hall Night and endlessly practicing for our skit (freshmen and sophomore year) and shooting scenes for our video (junior and senior year).


Junior Year Hall Night

The excitement in the school is rising as students from across the divisions prepare for one of the biggest days of the year. Tomorrow, we look forward to the annual performance of the boys cheerleaders at the pep rally, the basketball games against Oakbrook, and much more!


Will this be the year of the successful human pyramid?

As we enjoy our final Homecoming, we are reminded that combined with all of the fun, Homecoming provides an opportunity to further build and continue relationships with all members of our SDS family – invaluable to all of us. The Talon staff hopes that you all enjoy tomorrow’s festivities and go Griffins!


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