What SDS has meant to me

by Joanna Burgess

Spartanburg Day School has changed my life in more ways than one. It has given me an amazing education, allowed me to pursue different fields of study, and has even made me into a better person. SDS has an accepting environment that allows kids to pursue any field of interest without being judged. I have been at Spartanburg Day School for five years now, and I can truly say that this school has pushed me academically and mentally to become an all around better person.

I came from a very small private school in another county. I came to Spartanburg Day School in seventh grade and was a little overwhelmed. I was behind in almost all of my courses, and was struggling to catch up. However, the teachers were amazingly helpful and continued to push me until I was caught up. I had a lot of tutorials while attempting to catch up. Not only were the teachers helpful, the upperclassmen were as well. I had tutorials for the first few months and eventually I got caught up. Spartanburg Day School does an amazing job at making sure that you are trying your hardest and doing your absolute best.

This school has allowed me to pursue new passions that I had no idea I had when I first came. I started taking piano lessons at SDS when I was in 8th grade, which seems pretty late for someone to start piano lessons. I tinkered on the piano every once in awhile because we had one at home, but I never understood how big of an impact it would have on my life. I absolutely love the instrument now. I am still taking lessons, and I like to think I have improved since then. My passion for piano has only grown, and I don’t think I could get tired of it.

Not only have I found a passion for music, I have also learned to love theater. The only reason I ever got into theater is because of Spartanburg Day School. I did a theater class in my freshman year of high school and was immediately hooked. I think the theater department at SDS is what has changed me the most. I learned to be confident with who I am, and I learned a lot about myself through that program. Spartanburg Day School has pushed me as a student to work hard to get the grades that I deserve. It has shown me that I can do many other things besides science and math, and it has given me confidence in myself and my abilities.


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