Why Trump Won the Election

by Augusta Switzer and Liza Genoble

Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election shocked people all over the world.  As the votes from swing states slowly came in, supporters of Hillary Clinton began to lose hope, while Trump supporters realized that their candidate had a great chance of winning. The unconventional campaign style, attraction of blue collar worker, along with his straightforwardness (which played on the fears of the American people), were just some of the many factors that led Trump to a landslide victory in the electoral college on election night.

Many people would agree that Donald Trump’s campaign was not conventional at all in that he seemed to have done everything very differently from the past (he was never a politician, he was an outsider to Washington D.C., he funded most of his campaign with his own money, he said what was on his mind, etc). He received mostly negative press because of how different he seemed and as a result, the majority of the media was biased against him. Even the more conservative leaning Fox News would not back him in the primaries. Even though he was criticized for his remarks degrading women and people of other races, he was not greatly affected in the polls and he always managed to bounce back to the top. Since the majority of media outlets are more liberal-leaning, they were quick to attack Trump during the entire campaigning season, trying to denounce him in every way. Even though the press was in opposition of him, the amount of attention he received because of these things led many people to look more into his ideas and strategies, bringing his name into the American household.

In 2008 and 2012, the Democratic Party was thought to be for the common working class, while the Republican Party was more for the elite. In this past election though, the roles switched, with many intellectuals and elitists backing the Democrats, and many blue collar workers being drawn to Trump and the Republicans instead.  Many of these blue collar workers backed Trump because they liked many of his ideas of bringing back jobs that had been lost due to companies going under or moving overseas. This proved to play a key role for Trump getting elected president, as many swing states relied on these voters to decide where their electoral votes would go. Multiple states such as Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were expected to go to Hillary according to almost all of the pre-election polls. As results came in though, it was obvious that Trump was going to take the White House due to these swing states turning red.

Trump was also very straightforward towards the American people with his ideas. He brought to attention many topics that that were not at the forefronts of people’s minds at the beginning of the 2016 campaign season, one of which was immigration. His stance of tightening border security in light of U.S. citizens getting killed by illegal immigrants played heavily on many Americans’ minds as stories of shootings and death seemed to be on the news for weeks. Trump was also very vocal in how America conducted itself abroad, stating how America was getting taken advantage everywhere, with America getting the worse end of deals both economically and politically with other countries. Trump stated how he wished to change all of this and how he wanted to “Make America Great Again.” Such statements garnered him attention and also criticism..

In conclusion, Trump brings hope to many despairing Americans who want to see America great again both politically and economically. Otherwise he would not have been elected the next president that would bring about this this much needed change.


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