Flag the Lawn 2016

by Sam Spencer

Flag the Lawn is an annual event presented by the Interact Service Club. I created the project four years ago, and, since then, it has raised almost nine thousand dollars for Veterans in the Upstate with over four thousand dollars this year alone! But, like any undertaking, it took some time to reach this height. After all, a freshman (no disrespect intended) is ill-equipped to manage anything, much less an Interact project. The past four years have seen incredible improvement in participation and interest in the project, which, in turn, has undergone valuable development as a result.


The proceeds benefit Upstate Warrior Solution, a charity headquartered in Spartanburg that helps veterans find employment, healthcare, and housing during the difficult transition to civilian life; the organization remains available as a resource for a veteran as long as he or she remains in its reach in the upstate. Individuals contribute donations that are exchanged for flags of one of three sizes. Members of the Spartanburg Day School community, from 4kers to the Headmistress, place their flags on the lawn in front of the school or, as with the larger flags, on the flagpoles, in honor of a veteran in their life or all who have served our country.

I believe the project has made Veterans Day more celebrated date at Spartanburg Day. Planting flags is a fun way to show all of our support for all the veterans in our community, and the flags have the added benefit of looking pretty darn good in front of Presnell. I am incredibly proud to have been able to help get a project like this off the ground, and I hope that it continues to benefit the SDS community and veterans in the Upstate for years to come.



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