The New Lock System

by Grace Kleman

The new lock system requires students to carry around a fob that, when pressed against the key pad, unlocks the doors.

With the new locks in place, students have to be more responsible when traveling throughout the campus, which many people would describe as a positive thing. Because the doors will not open without the fob, the students have to remember to have the fob around and keep track of it, especially when they do not carry their backpacks to their destination. To keep track of their fobs and to have it easily accessible when moving quickly through the campus, many students put them on their key ring, in their wallets, on a lanyard around their neck, or connected to their backpack. This new added sense of responsibility allows the students to move safely throughout the school.

Another positive thing about the new locks is the added security for students and faculty on campus. At the beginning of the year, students, visitors, and parents could roam freely throughout the campus and open any doors they needed to and, while convenient, was definitely insecure. Now that the doors are locked, the school is able to keep track of who opened which door using a key fob, and unauthorized visitors are not allowed to enter without visiting the front desk to sign in. Since all visitors have to sign in, the school knows exactly who is in the building and what their purpose to be there is, which provides a much safer learning environment for the students and teachers.  

While there are many positives to the lock system for the students, there are also many for the school. Because the doors are electronically locked, the school is able to set specific hours for which the key fobs can unlock the doors, therefore providing extra security to the school and its property. Also, now that the doors are electronically locked, the faculty of SDS is saved a lot of time by not being required to travel about the school physically locking and unlocking the doors.

With the new lock system in place, there are many positives for the students and the school, such as more responsibly and lots of added protection.


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