Developing Downtown Spartanburg

xacsparkle29256448-pagespeed-ic-ohwc0dooznby Anna Gramling

In the last year, Downtown Spartanburg has grown so much, and a multitude of new businesses and attractions have been springing up at every corner. There are so many new things to talk about, but I am only going to highlight a few.

The AC Hotel

One of the most incredible changes is the new AC Hotel that is in the works. The construction started last November and will be finished in September of 2017, and this monumental building will not be small. It is designed to have ten floors with over 150 rooms. The building of the AC Hotel will help many people and their families by offering thirty-five new jobs in Spartanburg. Overall, this hotel will make a very solid and important contribution to our city.


The Crepe Factory

The Crepe Factory is a new and absolutely delicious eatery in Downtown Spartanburg. This locally owned creperie opened their doors in March of 2016 and have been serving the city with the best and most irresistible food there is. The menu consists of all types of crepes, lunch and dinner options, and daily specials. The reviews on The Crepe Factory are very impressive. Most reviews mentioned delectable cuisine, attentive service, and great prices. This farm-to-table restaurant is a unique and comfortable place at your fingertips. Check it out; you won’t be disappointed!


1383512_393975797397713_1977284574_nSkating on the Square

Also, the ice skating rink at Morgan Square is now officially open. The rink is the perfect escape and it perfectly captures the beauty of winter and will get Spartanburg in the holiday spirit.

Part II

by Susannah Lyon

Lots of changes have been made to Downtown Spartanburg this year. The streets were improved not long ago to make the commute around the downtown faster and more efficient. Loads of new businesses have also taken root in the downtown. In addition to the places highlighted in this article, clothing stores, restaurants, and other shops have opened recently downtown.

hub-city-scoops-ice-cream-spartanburgHub City Scoops

Definitely one of the top recommended places around school is a new ice cream parlor called Hub City Scoops. This shop popped up this summer and is located at 147 East Main Street. When asked what their experience was at Hub City Scoops, one student exclaimed “Hub City Scoops is delicious.” Another student said, “Whenever I want ice cream, I go there.” Hub City Scoops is well kept, innovative with flavors, appropriately priced, and (most importantly) delicious! With the 28 flavors of ice cream to chose from, it seems almost impossible to choose just one. Luckily, a flight board is available to share with friends or eat alone. You can get four flavors on a board, which is definitely more than enough! If you are a traditionalist and prefer a single flavor, chocolate is the most recommended one around school.

If you aren’t in the mood for just plain ice cream, you are still in luck. Hub City Scoops offers a variety of creative desserts that aren’t just the same old same old. Ice cream floats are available along with seasonal cakes, and even ice cream nachos! This ice cream parlor is highly suggested by the students here at Spartanburg Day School. If you want a new way to look at ice cream, or even just a quick treat, Hub City Scoops is surely a place you need to try!



The Paisley Paw

For all dogs big and small, hairy and trim, The Paisley Paw is a place you need to try! The Paisley Paw showed up in downtown Spartanburg a little more than a year ago, and business is booming! Located at 155 East Broad Street, The Paisley Paw is the newest and coolest pet supply store around. This shop has dog treats, a DIY dog wash station, and grooming available.

One of the biggest hypes surrounding Paisley Paws is the DIY dog wash. Here, you will find two large tubs to wash your dog in. These tubs can accommodate almost any dog, despite how old or how big they might be. The Paisley Paw offers shampoo, conditioner, towels, and hair dryers in the stations to make grooming easier for you. No more washing your dog at home– The Paisley Paw offers a comfortable setting for you and your pup with rates starting at just $10.00!

Another cool aspect of Paisley Paws are the dog treats. A very large variety of dog treats are sold here including some very high-end brands. Not only that, but homemade treats made by the owner are also for sale. There are lots of treats to choose from that you will absolutely love for your dog! There is something for every dog, big or small.  

These are just a few new businesses in downtown Spartanburg. We hope that you visit all of these places for yourself and the enjoy the changes to the downtown with us!


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