SDS History 101

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by Gordon Elnagar

The Founding of SDS:

Hello everyone: this first school spirit article will be dedicated to the history of SDS. Enjoy!

On September 12, 1957, the Spartanburg Day School was founded. The school was established at the Drayton Mill Community building; it hosted 35 1st through 5th grade students. In October of 1962, a new campus was created for the introduction of higher grade levels. The lower school would remain at Drayton, and the other grades would be at the new location. The lower school eventually relocated to the newer location in 1993.

Fun Fact: The first school in the state of South Carolina to establish a chapter of Cum Laude society was the Spartanburg Day School.

Quick Facts about SDS for a Newcomer:

The SDS athletics program requires students in grades seven through twelve to participate in at least one sport. SDS offers a wide range of sports, including cross country, volleyball, soccer, physical education, tennis, basketball, swimming, cheerleading, baseball, lacrosse, golf, and track and field.

Fun Fact: SDS won back-to-back baseball state championships in 2001 and 2002.

One of the Many Unique Aspects of SDS – Special Studies!

Special studies has been part of the SDS high school culture since 1996. Special studies week allows students to explore the world surrounding them, helping to expand our horizons and see practical applications of material learned in the classroom. This year, some of the trips include a Tour of Cuba, a hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail, a community service expedition locally, and a writers’ retreat.


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