The Latest Trends


by Alfred Ezman

In the past months, many trends have appeared on common media whether it be the internet or just through conversing with friends. These trends have not only overtaken our school, but the rest of society as well. Here are a few of the latest things people have been up to:

JuJu on that Beat

This dance has appeared in the last few months all over social media, especially YouTube. The dance is to the song JuJu on that Beat by Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall. The running man, a once trendy dance, has been included in it.

Here is a link to watch it

Mannequin Challenge

This trendy “challenge” has blown up on Instagram in the past few weeks. In it, the song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd is played, and a large group of people stay completely still while another person goes by on his/her phone filming the still people. The result is very cool.

Here is a video of it

Election 2016

This year’s election has been historically significant. Many were surprised by a “non-politician” win from Donald Trump, his winning sweep of highly democratic states, and his victory over favored Hillary Clinton. But the memes about these things are the trends, and the candidates’ terrible backgrounds have given meme makers ideas that caused them to explode on the internet.



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