New Clubs at Spartanburg Day School

by Chace Jiang

As the school year starts, the Spartanburg Day School community continues in accomplishing the goal of fulfilling the students’ life with diverse activities and experiences. To maintain this tradition, many new student-run clubs were established this year, such as the History Club and the Outdoor Club, to further expand the students’ interests and enthusiasm.

As the name of the club states, the History Club is for those who are interested in the field of learning and discussing history. Established by the senior Elizabeth Blackford, the History club welcomes not only the students who are knowledgeable and well-rounded in history, but it is also for those who have the intentions of learning more about the subject. Here, they are able to immerse themselves in discussions with other students and share their ideas with each other.

Unlike the History Club, the Outdoor Club offers a different approach in enlarging the students’ involvement in different activities. Ivan Gu, a junior, started the club following the principle of providing the students with more opportunities to interact with and appreciate nature. Many different activities are available to the students including hiking and kayaking at various sites. The club provides students with opportunities to spend time with each other outside of the classroom, and it enables them to get to know each other better while interacting with the surrounding environment.

The creation of these new clubs not only represents one of the fundamental ideas of Spartanburg Day School–which is to enrich the student life with various activities–but it also shows students’ desire and eagerness to develop their passions in different areas and subjects.


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