Tale of a Stressed Out Senior

by Christopher Overton

A sudden blaring of trumpets shocks me from my stupor as I sit up in my seat, suddenly–CRACK–the sound of my head hitting the shelf above me. A cascade of papers fall from it, covering the desk and the surrounding floor. I stand up, shaking the cobwebs from my brain, and remember the essay that I had to have done by A Block. I push the papers off the desk to reveal my computer and phone, the alarm that woke me up still resounding from it. I grab it quickly and turn it off as I take note of the time; it takes me a few moments to process the numbers in front of my eyes. But, by the time I do, the minutes, like a countdown to my doom, have already increased by one. Startled, I grab my clothes and quickly pull them on as my computer slowly reboots. Picking it up, I toss my backpack on as I make my way upstairs, frantically trying to figure out how much of the work I had finished before I must have fallen asleep. I place my computer on the counter as I quickly throw together my breakfast and start the coffee machine, pouring some of the smoothie left in the fridge. My computer dings, and I throw back the rest of my drink before quickly logging in. As the screen loads, I speedily place a coffee cup under the machine which had started to dispense whatever was in it. I grab my computer and quickly scan the screen, relief flooding through me as I see the paper is 90% done. I quickly grab the cup of coffee, or at least something brown and hot, and make my way out the door, making sure to grab my keys with my teeth on the way out. After I get in my car, I double-check that I have everything and pull out of my driveway, but five minutes down the road I remember that I have forgotten the other page for my project at my house. I turn the car around and arrive back at my house in three minutes to rush downstairs, looking for the pages to the project under the piles of other papers in distress. After five minutes, I finally find them under a pile of discarded college essay drafts and grab them, before turning and rushing upstairs and back to my car. Finally making my way onto the main road, I begin to sip my coffee and immediately hit a speed bump spilling it all over my hand and shirt. I make my way to the school whilst trying to ignore the wet shirt sticking to my arm. Pulling into the parking lot and going as fast as I can, I run to the Dent Center and try to open the door, but it’s locked. I look in the door to see if anyone is there. I panic and frantically begin to search the school to find someone, but after looking everywhere, I pull out my phone to call someone to ask what’s going on. Before I do I notice something that I had missed, I realize TODAY WAS SUNDAY!!! Laughing, I make my way back home and fall asleep the moment I get in bed.  

Photo by Mike Corbin


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