Singles’ Day: A Chinese Celebration


by Shirley Liu

November 11th is the time when people show off their relationships, and it is the hardest time for singles who want a relationship. It is the time to realize that women never know the difference between discounted and free. This is Chinese Singles’ Day.

Why November 11th?  The “1”s in the date (11/11) represent a single person. Chinese Singles’ Day originated in 1993, but people started to get really into it in the year of 2011. November 11th, 2011, called Super Singles’ Day, consisted six “one”s instead four, and was the one of the biggest Singles’ Day.

Everything is on sale on Singles’ Day, just like Black Friday in America, so people are purchasing crazily. In 2015, one of the biggest online shopping companies, Alibaba, made 14.3 billion dollars, making it one of the largest shopping days in the world. The consumers are not only singles, but also couples. People buy gifts for their girlfriends or boyfriends to celebrate their relationship, or, since everything has a discount, people purchase gifts for themselves. In the recent years, many people even decide to start a relationship or propose on Singles’ Day.

Speaking of relationships, Chinese people’s feelings toward relationships must be mentioned. They are very careful about relationships, especially early relationships between teenagers. Most Chinese parents and teachers believe that relationships can have negative effects on children’s grades, so they try to prevent them from happening, and many young couples have to break up because of their parents and teachers. Adults think that teenagers aren’t mature enough to be in a relationship. People say that “you should do things that fit your age,” which means having a relationship is not one of the things teenagers should do.

Singles’ Day is also a day for people who would like to stay single for their entire life, avoiding a relationship or marriage. People used to criticize these single people because marriage was required for everyone, and they believed the person was abnormal if he or she didn’t want to get married. Now, society is more understanding of different kinds of people, so people who like to be single do not need to feel ashamed; instead, they can be proud of themselves.


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