Senior Advice to Freshmen

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by Jamie Montagne

A beautiful compilation of wisdom from your all-knowing seniors:

“ALWAYS do your homework so that way you have a solid 100 in one area of every class. Without a doubt, this good habit will help you out in the long run.” -Patricia Bayiha

“Don’t be late to class, especially Dr. Duckett’s, or she’ll count you late. Turn your assignments in on time–Mrs. Camp counts them as late. Eat breakfast before you come to school, lunch isn’t until 12:45 so you’ll be starving by then if not, find an empty locker to put extra books, sports bags, etc., in.” -Elizabeth Blackford

“Take advantage of the gym at SDS and study hard, oh, and don’t procrastinate like me.” -Cody Greer

“Try to get off on the right foot with your teachers at the beginning of the year, work harder and play hard (just not too hard). Also, pay attention in Coach Robinette’s class, those universal truths will mean a lot more to you as you get older. Additionally, make each day count, because, honestly, time flies by. Some famous person once said, ‘It will all be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.'” -Jamie Montagne

“Start developing good study habits, don’t worry about the size of your friend group, and find people who bring out the best in you. Develop good relationships with your teachers (they’re really awesome people and really good resources). Try to never forget food for your advisory, because your advisory will be very “hangry”. Try to use your study hall not for the homework you didn’t finish the night before but instead for studying or doing homework you’ve got throughout the day. Start thinking of college and career options early, and just be yourself!” -Taylor Birch

“Do what you’re told because your teachers, your parents, and your grandparents have all been there (in high school) before you, made their mistakes, and survived. Trust me, you will thank them one day. If you can stay in line and do as you’re told, your life will be much easier, and your parents’ lives will be easier too.” -Noah Ballenger

“Procrastination brings out your best self.” -Geoff McVey

Photos by Mike Corbin


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