Powder Puff Game Teaches Charitable Giving


by Eva Wellmon

At Spartanburg Day School, the girls’ community service program ASTRA has one of its biggest events happening soon: the powder puff game. Ninth and eleventh grade girls compete against the girls in tenth and twelfth grade in a competitive flag football game. Ninth and eleventh graders work hard to beat the seniors who have a tendency to win. Although, aside from the competitiveness, this flag football game centers on something more important: charity. The ASTRA powder puff game is a wonderful way to encourage charitable giving in the Spartanburg Day School students.

Spartanburg Day School encourages its students to give and donate as much as possible. The girls’ ASTRA powder puff game is a prime example of this charitable giving. The girls in ninth through twelfth grade look forward to this event all year; they love the rush of adrenaline as they’re running across the field while their hands and faces are numb due to the cold. The ninth and eleventh graders especially want to win over the seniors. The powder puff game is, therefore, a rich attraction for the girls in high school, and the boys can even participate too. To defy the stereotype of girls being cheerleaders, the boys get to dress up in cheerleader uniforms, attempt a pyramid formation, and show everyone that boys can be wondrous cheerleaders too. In order to come to the ASTRA powder puff game, participants are required to pay five dollars, but the money is going towards a good charity of the community service program’s choice. By participating in this event, the girls and boys in high school are taught that while they can have fun at a game, they can donate money in order to make other children just as happy as they were. Kids and adults shouldn’t be starving or freezing in the cold; with just a small amount of money, children in high school can help lessen the amount of those people in that terrible situation.

Not only does Spartanburg encourage their students to be charitable but it also encourages the local community. Participants who come to the ASTRA powder puff game also have to pay five dollars when they arrive at the soccer field, the location of the game. Many parents of the children in this school come to watch their kids and also come just to be charitable and help out someone in need. Parents can sit next to others in the bleachers, converse, and catch up on things they might have missed. This flag football game, therefore, encourages interaction among the local community.

Teachers from the school also participate in this flag football game. Mrs. Camp, the ninth and tenth grade english teacher, holds the flag in order for participants to know where they have to go to get a first down. The high school principal Mr. MacMullan is the official referee, sometimes helped by his nine year-old son, Patrick. Not only is charitable giving encouraged in teachers but also in this young boy’s mind.


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