Interact Yard Sale is a Success!


by Rachel Kearse

The annual Interact yard sale raised $3700 this year. This is an incredible feat that we manage to accomplish -or even beat- every year. This event lets students, parents, and citizens who aren’t even affiliated with the school to donate items, their time, and money to a worthy cause. The members of the club dedicate their time for weeks to this yearly event by moving, collecting, and hauling the various donations around the school. Their generosity doesn’t stop once the event starts, though. They give up their Saturday morning to help set up and run the yard sale for the Spartanburg and school community.

Parents of the Day School use the yard sale as an opportunity to give up items they may have lying around that they don’t use anymore, but they may not realize that as they get rid of their unwanted items, they’re actually giving to a good cause. The money made off the sold items is given to a different local charity every year. The yard sale inspires people to give every year possible without their knowledge.

People even contribute by buying the items. As said before, the money made during the sale goes to a certain charity every year. The people who come to the sale and buy the items are inadvertently contributing to this large donation. The advertising portion of this event can be largely thanked for this. The students also help out with this cause by taking flyers to local businesses and hanging them up. This kind of advertising is what brings people to the school in the first place.

The charity of this event is very subtle in how it is enacted. We raise money to give to people who need it the most in our community by collecting items we don’t want any more. This could be viewed as selfish, but in reality the items in the sale are of great value and there is a large amount of them. We advertise this event to the community which, in my opinion, is what contributes so much to the success of it. The community contributes so much to this event. All they’re given is a paper hanging in a restaurant or store as an invite and yet they help give the most to their community. Our own little community here at the school contributes to this by giving these people the items they will buy. Without the people of the Day School contributing the wares, the yard sale wouldn’t be as successful, and we wouldn’t be able to raise the money to donate to the charity. We all contribute to this event in some way, so we all benefit from the satisfaction of knowing we helped people who really need it.

This could be a little part of the reason we continue this tradition every year. This amazing feeling we get from dedicating our time and donating to the sale might be the underlying cause that drives us to keep this going.


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