2016-2017 Student Body President and Vice President

by Cody Greer

As you all know by now, due to their leadership in our assemblies and school representation, this year’s Student Body President and Vice President are Devin Srivastava and Haley Sinsley. Under their guidance, the 2016-2017 school year has been by far the most interactive, engaging, and community-focused group ever before seen at the Spartanburg Day School. But, for the sake of everything they do to ensure that we have the most enjoyable school year possible, we should try to get to know them better.

Devin Srivastava served as president of his class for each year of high school, and is a highly skilled saxophone player, cross country runner, golfer, and student. Devin strives for success in all aspects of life and holds himself to a very high standard. Despite his remarkable success in everything to which he sets his mind, Devin is an extremely humble individual who wants to see his fellow peers succeed as well. He is compassionate for those close to him as well as people he has not even gotten the chance to meet. Students of all ages can come up to Devin and talk to him, as he is always willing to lend a hand or just be there to engage in conversation. While being as successful and talented as he is, it is truly amazing how down-to-earth and relatable Devin is.

Haley Sinsley is our very own goofball who makes us laugh and/or cringe with her “Fun Fact Fridays.” Haley, like her president, is an extremely diligent student who is very driven and invested in her work. She has a passion for nature and the arts, especially aquatics, which is one of the key reasons that this year the Scuba Special Studies returned. She came to SDS from Florida in eighth grade and has been a consistent member of student government ever since. While not always having been the most outspoken, SGA has given Haley the outlet and position to truly blossom into an individual who is not afraid of speaking up. In the fall, she can be found on the tennis court, but, no matter the season, she can always be found with her beloved dogs Harley and Shayna, as Haley is, without question, a huge animal lover. When one gets to know Haley, they will find that she is one of the most loyal and caring friends one could ask for.


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