Mysteries of a Thousand Voices

This is the first part of a serial story, by Hank Barron. Come back for continuations every other week.


Mysteries of a Thousand Voices

Earlier tonight, Chatty Kathy was found dead at 10:00 pm on the fire escape right outside of Apartment 3A in Freedom Towers. Chatty was not her real name, but it was the only name people remembered. On the wall next to her were the words, “Shut Up!” written in blood.  I was called to the scene as soon as her boyfriend Jeff found her as part of the police forensics team.  As I pulled up in my car, I could see the crime scene. The words almost glowed with hatred, visible from the alley below thanks to the security light.  

I took some blood samples from both the corpse and the message on the wall, anxious to see if there was a connection between them.  I raced back to the lab so I get get the results to homicide as soon as possible. After some initial tests, the results were in: the blood all belonged to Chatty. An autopsy showed that Chatty Kathy was cut to death with a switchblade and left to bleed out and die on the fire escape. It was likely not a swift death. The murderer made many small cuts in Chatty Kathy before the fatal slit to her jugular.  

As usual, our “finest” were on the case. As luck would have it, they had the two dumbest detectives, Ron and Larry, investigating. The only reason these two joined law enforcement was for the donuts.  They were known for spending more time at the donut shop than on the streets. If a murder couldn’t be solved from a stool at the Local Krispy Kreme, the case would stay open.  At least most of this case would be decided here in the forensics lab. As soon as I had the results, I called them.

It’s now an hour later and they haven’t arrived yet. When I was washing my hands, I looked down and noticed some blood got on my nametag. I can’t let that happen – people need to know who I am. “Dexter” re-appeared from underneath the blood splatter as I wiped my tag.  I may be  the sharpest tack in the whole force and I need to work in forensics. I wish I could work in the field a little bit, as I might be able to solve the cases that Ron and Larry never solved. Why does Commissioner Wallace always give them these murder cases? Oh, here come the dynamic duo now. I’m sure want to know what the blood samples show. I hope they don’t eat evidence or break anything.


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